Wikimaps is an initiative for historical mapping in Wikimedia. The aim is to gather old maps in Wikimedia Commons, place them in world coordinates with the help of Wikimedia volunteers and start using them in different ways.

The project brings together and further develops tools for the discovery of old maps and information about places through history.

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Tools and collaboration

Wikimaps aims to bring together tools that can help bringing location based data and content together in the open projects. Wikimaps can be a future collaboration platform to connect these open projects more closely together

Wikimaps Warper
WikiProject Historical Place

Wikimedia projects involved

➔ Wikimedia Commons
➔ Wikidata
➔ Wikimedia Maps

We want to support & connect with these projects


Event & presentation log

  • Nordic open geodata meetup #Hack4NO, 27 October, Kartverket, Hønefoss, Norway
    Program and notes
  • Beyond The Basics: What Next For Crowdsourcing? / DH2016, 11–16 JULY 2016, KRAKOW
    An expert workshop about the future directions of crowdsourcing in arts and humanities projects. The workshop is organised by Mia Ridge (British Library), Meghan Ferriter (Smithsonian Transcription Centre), Christy Henshaw (Wellcome Library) and Ben Brumfield (FromThePage) in the Digital Humanities 2016 conference. Workshop notes. Blog post.
  • Second Swiss Cultural Hackathon 3–4 JUNE 2016, BASEL, SWITZERLAND
    Running a workshop on Wikimaps. Hackathon project with bringing historical map data into a game map in Cities: Skylines. Tweet.
  • Wikimania 2016 2016, ESINO LARIO, ITALY
    Running workshops on Wikimaps and Wikidata. Blog post in Finnish.
  • #Hack4FI 2016, HELSINKI
    Wikidata peer learning group at the #Hack4FI hackathon, organized by AvoinGLAM. Presentation.
  • WikiProject Historical Place A collaborative project to negotiate the best practices of modelling historical places: names, location, administrative hierarchy over time in Wikidata. Project page.
  • Wikimaps Warper 2.0 2016, Enhancing the Wikimaps Warper tool, together with Tim Waters, Albin Larsson and Ari Häyrinen. Project management. Documentation.
  • GLAMpipe metadata tool, 2016
    Creation of a metadata enhancement and upload tool GLAMpipe. Project initiation and management. Development by Ari Häyrinen. Funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • Mobilizing Open Cultural Data 2015–16
    A project to familiarize Finnish memory institutions with Wikidata and increase capacity among Wikimedia volunteers in making use of it. Documentation.
  • Wikimaps Nordic final report 2014–15
    Wikimaps Nordic was a joint effort by Wikimedia chapters and memory institutions in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Norway and Denmark to bring historical maps to Wikimedia and develop further ways to utilize them. Making available the Wikimaps Warper tool was part of the project. Project initiation and coordination.
  • Maker space for real and hobbyist historians / Susanna Ånäs, HISTORIANTUTKIMUKSEN PÄIVÄT , 24 OCTOBER 2015, JOENSUU
    Presentation and paper.
  • NordLOD, Stockholm, September 2015. Focus on Wikidata and maps.
  • #Hack4NO 2015, HØNEFOSS, NORWAY
    Participation at the #Hack4NO hackathon with a maps emphasis, organized by Kartverket, Norway. Upload of Kartverket maps.
  • DroneArt Helsinki! / Nordic Open Data Week, 2015, HELSINKI
    Workshop of 3D imaging public artworks, in collaboration with Maptime Helsinki and AvoinGLAM.
    Blog post in Finnish and in English. Hackpad.
  • Digital Humanities Hackathon 11–15 MAY 2015, HELSINKI
    Helsinki University arranged a 1-week hackathon DHH’15. Wikimaps and Geohumanities were presented. Presentation.
  • Wikimaps goes Maptime! at GLAM-Wiki  / GLAM-Wiki 2015, 8–10 APRIL 2015, DEN HAAG, NETHERLANDS
    A Wikimaps / Maptime workshop together with Bert Spaan / Waag Society. Etherpad, Programme page
  • Wiki Loves Maps, 5–8 FEBRUARY 2015, HELSINKI
    Wiki Loves Maps seminar and hackathon about historical maps, collaboration between Wikimedia and memory organizations and capturing local history. Blog post.
  • We are here. Where do we go next? IBEROCONF, 20 NOVEMBER 2014, BUENOS AIRES
    Summarizing Moving Historical Geodata to the Web and the State of the Map. Presentation, blog post.
  • State of the Map, Buenos Aires 7–9 November, 2014. Presentation and a mini workshop.
  • Moving Historical Geodata to the Web 5–7 NOVEMBER 2014, NEW YORK
    Workshop by New York Public Library. Collaborative website.
  • Enhancement of the Wikimaps Warper: OAuth, integration of OpenHistoricalMap editor, Warper code revision
  • Wikimania hackathon https://wikimania2014.wikimedia.org/wiki/Hackathon, London 6–10 August
  • Inaugural meeting of GeoHumanities SIG / DH2014, 8–12 July 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland Digital Humanities 2014. Inaugural meeting of GeoHumanities SIG. Wikimaps presentation and position paper.
  • Third Digital Humanities Finland Symposium (#digihumfi) Symposium, Thursday 5 June 2014, 10:00-13:00, Fabiania Auditorium, National Library of Finland, Helsinki, http://matsfridlund.com/digital-humanities-finland/, Wikimaps presentation
  • Wiki Loves Maps Expert Meeting in Amsterdam, arranged by the Dutch chapter. See the project page.
  • Wikimaps supports OpenHistoricalMap server maintenance.
  • Wikimaps and OpenHistoricalMap mentor a Wikimedia Foundation supported FOSS OPW intern together.
  • Wikimedia Hackathon 9-11 MAY 2014, ZÜRICH
    The hackathon had a maps theme. The event page and the Wikimaps blog post.
  • Wikimaps Nordic Kick-off workshop 28 FEBRUARY 2014, HELSINKI
    See the  blog post and the event page at Lanyrd.
    Academic visit in Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford and Extreme Citizen Science Research Group at the University College of London. Read the Wikimaps blog post.
  • Monthly Wikimaps Hangouts in 2014 for 2 groups: The Wikimaps Nordic and the Designers & Developers. The documentation is at the Wikimaps events page.
  • Wikipedia Academy, Oslo, Norway, .
  • Getting organized through an online /Wikimaps planning meeting, .
  • Wikimaps Nordic / Nordic Culture Fund NOVEMBER 2013
    Wikimaps gets project funding from Nordisk Kulturfond.
  • Pelagios 3 meeting 9–11 SEPTEMBER 2013, NEW YORK
    Presenting Wikimaps and OpenHistoricalMap, discussing common goals.
  • State of the Map 6–8 SEPTEMBER 2013, BIRMINGHAM
    State of the Map, Birmingham, UK. Presentation by Susanna Ånäs. Birds-of-a-feather meeting with OHM.
  • National Archives of Finland 26 AUGUST 2013, HELSINKI
    The National Archives of Finland hosted a local meeting for open cartography enthusiasts.
  • Wikimaps Tartu–Hong Kong. Series of events where maps of Tartu were taken through the Wikimaps process. Workshop in Tartu – DevCamp in Wikimania.Presentation slides.
    • Workshop for Tartu maps, Tartu, Estonia. State of the Map Baltics from 3 August 2013 until 4 August 2013.
    • Wikimania DevCamp, Wikimaps geodata round table
    • Presentation at Wikimania 2013, Hong Kong by Susanna Ånäs & Maarten Dammers. Cooperation with Open Historical Map Code Sprint.
  • 30 June 2013 until 5 July 2013 The 25th International Conference on the History of Cartography Helsinki, Finland
    • Meeting of ISCEM, International Society of Curators of Early Maps, related to the conference. Susanna presents Wikimaps. Presentation slides
  • Historical OpenStreetMaps group is interested in collaboration (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OHM, http://www.openhistoricalmap.org/).
  • Wikimedia Hackathon / Wikimedia Nederlands 24–26 MAY 2013, AMSTERDAM
    Requirements, Resources and Participants started. memo
  • GLAM-Wiki 2013 / Wikimedia UK 13 APRIL 2013, BRITISH LIBRARY, LONDON
    First presentation of the Wikimaps initiative. Presentation

Blog posts etc

Pekka Sarkola: SOTM Baltics – osa III
Jerry Clough: History Workshop at SotmBaltics
Wikimedia Suomi: Wikimaps around the world
Wikimedia Suomi: Wikimaps maailmanympärimatkalla
Tuomas Linnake: Papatti vai dynamiitti? Vanhat ilmakuvat lentävät vapauteen. Digitoday 26.11.

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