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Maps in Wikimedia Commons

Metadata – Upload – Linking

Creating a map template, adding the map template to GLAM-wiki toolset for maps mass uploads, working with maps properties for Wikidata/Commons, enabling the map template on existing maps, enabling the map template on uploads.

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The Wikimaps Warper

Georeferencing maps

The MapWarper that was developed by Tim Waters for the New York Public Library, is being adjusted to the Wikimedia environment. The tool lets users take scanned maps and place them in world coordinates.

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The Open Historical Map

Extracting information from old maps – OpenStreetMap

OHM is an environment that uses the OpenStreetMap mapping tools to trace map features from old maps. The aim is to create a constantly changing map that covers human history.

The Wikimaps Atlas

Making dynamic maps for Wikimedia

Graphical maps for Wikimedia.

People: Arun Ganesh and Hugo Lopez have submitted an Individual Engagement Grant application for creating the initial workflow for dynamically created maps for Wikipedia.

The Wikimaps Gazetteer

Linked historical place names and geometries in Wikidata

is a proposal to store the changing place names, geographic and man-made features in a knowledge base in Wikimedia while being linked to OpenStreetMap. Wikidata will link the geographic data to all the knowledge stored in Wikimedia.

Status: We participate in academic discussions about harmonizing historical gazetteers and the role of Wikidata in that. Wikidata will deploy necessary properties in near future. A task force is being planned in Wikidata.

People: No-one is involved in this yet, several people have been involved in discussions

The Wikimaps Hacklab 

Candidate apps, testing, hacking. A proposal to host candidate software within the project scope for integration with the framework.

Wikimaps web

A space for the tools, projects, communication and documentation about Wikimaps.

Wikimedia & OpenStreetMap

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