Maps in Wikimedia Commons

Metadata – Upload – Linking

Creating a map template, adding the map template to GLAM-wiki toolset for maps mass uploads, working with maps properties for Wikidata/Commons, enabling the map template on existing maps, enabling the map template on uploads.

Status: Worked on the map template and map metadata, collaborated on the GLAM-wiki toolset. New start needed for integration with Wikidata.

People: Jarek Tuszynski, Maarten Dammers, Susanna Ånäs, The GLAM-wiki toolset team of Europeana.

Timeline: High priority. Work with the template starts immediately and should be completed in the 1st quarter. Integrating into GLAM-wiki toolset after completing. Should not take more that 3 months additional (completed by end of 2nd quarter). Synchronizing with Wikidata is at a research and planning phase – ongoing.

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